How It Works

Nick Thorn makes a listing at a Palm Beach Gardens Estate. The collection was eventually shipped up to Litchfield and sold for over $500,000.


If you have items to sell, please call Litchfield County Auctions at 860-567-4661 to set up an appointment for us to view the property. The process sometimes takes longer than one would think, so the earlier you call the better. Alternately, you may send photographs to speed up the process.
On the day of the visit, we will physically inspect the property. Questions we will ask include: which items are being kept by the family and which items are to be sold? Is there any additional information about the items, such as an old appraisal or a file of receipts? What is the timing? When do the items need to be moved? Are we to broom sweep or just remove certain items?


Outright Purchase

In the event that you would like to sell the items directly to Litchfield County Auctions, we will offer you a specific dollar amount for the items that you are planning to sell. In this case, there are no additional fees that you will need to pay, such as trucking, broom sweep, insurance, photography or anything else, and payment will be made immediately, rather than after items have sold.


Should you wish to sell the items on a consignment basis we will tailor a proposal to meet your needs. Generally speaking (for items over $500), our rates range from 4 – 25% , depending on value. Where practical, we will make a listing of the items that are going to be sold, with estimates of their values.



Litchfield County Auctions performs a complimentary, verbal appraisal and sometimes a list of estimates free of charge for the purpose of selling items through LCA at auction.

Fee: $0


Items being offered for sale through Litchfield County Auctions are stored in one of our warehouses. Within reasonable limits there is no charge for this service.

Fee: $0

Marketing, publicity and advertising

Illustrated post cards are sent to 5000 long-standing clients; email  is sent to over 10,000 online, registered clients (both ours and iGavel’s); Personal telephone calls are made and targeted emails are sent to specialized dealers and collectors for particular items; Illustrated online and printed catalogs are available for bidders; Flyers are posted on local bulletin boards; Our gallery is on a main road with an attractive road sign. Our five day gallery preview, and occasional Preview Parties allow bidders to see the items in person, and in context.

Print & Internet Ads have included: The Magazine Antiques, Art and Antiques Magazine, Antiques and the Arts Weekly, The Maine Antiques Digest, Antique Trader Gazette, The Gallerie Druout publication, Antique Trader, The North East Journal of Art & Antiques, The Country and Abroad, Passport Magazine, The Hartford Courant, The Waterbury Republican, Spectrum Magazine, The Litchfield County Times,,,, Auction Zip and more.

Fee: $0

Full and extensive Internet exposure

Unlike many other auction houses that charge a per item fee for listing items on the internet, every item we offer online is included in our basic commission structure.

Fee: $0

Basic furniture repair, cleaning and polishing

Items that need some basic repair, such as gluing a leg back on a chair, or a molding back onto a mirror will be preformed prior to photography and exhibition to show the items in their best light. Furniture and decorations that would benefit from some basic attention will also be polished and cleaned.

Fee: $0


Items being offered in LCA’s auctions are professionally photographed, in color, from 2 – 10 different angles, offering much greater detail than traditional one-photo per item catalogs.

Fee: $50 per lot.

Packing & Trucking

Litchfield County Auctions has an experienced moving team that will carry out every aspect of moving the fine art, furniture, porcelain, glass, chandeliers, mirrors, etc. to our facility.
Fees vary by the time and distance involved, but tend to be lower than traditional moving firms.

Broom Sweeps

In addition to moving your fine art and antiques, it is also often necessary to clear mattresses, kitchenware, used clothing, used furniture, stored food, etc. from an apartment or a house prior to sale. LCA’s staff can provide this service in addition to moving your items. In the business, this is often referred to as a “broom sweep”, or sometimes a clear-out or cleanout. It includes a quick sweep, and making sure nothing is left in the house, but does not include true cleaning. It is often a good idea to hire a local cleaning service, once a “broom sweep” has been finished.

Fee depends upon the situation & Insurance

While LCA’s staff prides themselves on the care we take in handling your items, it is always a good idea to have your fine art and antiques insured, just in case. Occasionally this can be done by extending your home owner’s insurance. Alternately, Litchfield County Auctions can provide both transit and in-gallery insurance, through our reliable agent.

Fee: $2/100

(Based on final selling value after sale, or median estimate prior to sale)

Minimum Commission Per Lot: $50

Buyer’s Fees and Services

Easy Payment

LCA accepts all major credit cards, paypal, money orders personal checks etc. In fact, LCA even occasionally extends credit to some of our trusted and strongest bidders. Many other auction houses have begun charging additional amounts to their buyers for the use of credit cards, or have simply stopped accepting credit cards all together. Obviously, this holds down buyer’s purchasing power, again decreasing the hammer price and final payment to consignors.

Fees: $0

Internet Fees

Unlike many other auction houses who put items online, but continue to cater to their local clientele, LCA truly embraces the worldwide community of bidders that drive the prices of our auctions. To this end, LCA charges the same low 20% buyer’s premium, no matter how a bidder bids in the sale.

Fees: 0%

Shipping and deliveries

To further service our international clientele, LCA offers a variety of low cost options for shipping and deliveries to potential bidders.

Actual Fees depend on items and distance.

Buyer’s Premium: 25%