Fine and Estate Jewelry: November 21 – December 5, 2014

NOV14-8007From the NYC Estates of Mary Griggs Burke, East 77th Street; Magda Margolis, 180 East End Avenue; and a private estate, East 66th Street, NYC.

Fine and Estate Jewelry include Rings, Brooches, Necklaces and Bracelets by designers such as Cartier, Buccellati, David Yurman, Tiffany, William Ruser & Caplain Saint Andre; Watches by Rolex, Gubelin, Jaeger LeCoultre, Tourneau and Coram; plus Native American Silver together with vintage & costume jewelry items.

3673546Apple green & mottled white carved jade pendant, pink tourmaline & hardstone beads L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 9,256.00
3673878Patek Philippe 18k Pocket watch L5BFD L5BFG
$ 4,500.00
3673482Tiffany and Co. 18K gold round link bracelet L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 4,300.00
3673587Pair of 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Flower Earrings L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 3,100.00
367356718K Yellow Gold Navette Shape Link Necklace by Caplain Saint Andre, Paris L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 2,700.00
3673621A mixed lot of gold jewelry, incl. Native American, Victorian, filigree L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 2,600.00
3690700Cartier 18K White Gold and Diamond Ladies Ring L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 2,100.00
3673478Vintage 14 KT white gold and diamond bracelet, early 20th century L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 1,725.00
367351918K Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 1,700.00
3673531Antique diamond and sapphire brooch set in platinum L5BFE, L5BFG
$ 1,650.00
3673594Pair of grey pearl and diamond earrings; Jerry Blickman for J. Orthman, NY. 1970’s L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 1,550.00
3673616A group of Victorian gold mounted mourning jewelry L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 1,550.00
367352514K Gold, Jade and Enamel Brooch L5BFE, L5BFG
$ 1,300.00
3673590Pair of yellow gold and diamond earrings L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 1,300.00
3690710Tiffany & Co. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Pin L5BFE, L5BFG
$ 1,225.00
367348118K Yellow Gold Navette Shape Link Bracelet by Caplain Saint Andre, Paris L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 1,150.00
3673463Men’s Rolex Oysterquartz Datejust 17013 Stainless Steel & 18K Gold Watch L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 1,118.00
36736103-Pc. Group of Angel Skin Coral & 14K Gold Jewelry Items L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 1,110.00
3673604Cocktail Ring, with double shell in 10K mount, and a Pair of Costume Earrings L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 1,100.00
3673550Art Deco Jade Necklace, 14k L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 1,100.00
3673566Gold Beaded Necklace L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 950.00
3673468Lemania Men’s 14KT gold watch L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 950.00
3673509Ladies White Gold Marquise Diamond Ring L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 950.00
3673591Amethyst and Diamond Dangle Earrings, 18k L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 850.00
3673664Group of 165 American Half Dollars and Dollars; inc. Walking Liberty, Morgan L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 849.00
3673619Group of jewelry and watches; incl. 14K gold watches, Concord, Jules Jurgensen L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 766.00
3673605Angel Skin Coral Ensuite Ring & Earrings L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 750.00
367354814K Gold Rope Chain Necklace L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 750.00
3673549A green jade & red hard stone bead necklace L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 700.00
367353418 karat white gold and diamond brooch, double floral cluster L5BFE, L5BFG
$ 680.00
3673510Retro Forties 22ct Amethyst Ring, 18k L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 650.00
367353218K Yellow Gold, Diamond and Carved Jade Pendant, 20th C. L5BFE, L5BFG
$ 650.00
3673561Walter Lampl Jade Necklace, 14k L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 650.00
3673459Lady’s Coram Diamond Heart Swiss Quartz Watch in Blue L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 650.00
367353018K Yellow Gold and Diamond Floral Brooch L5BFE, L5BFG
$ 600.00
3673514A ruby and 10K ring and a diamond and gold ring L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 576.00
3690685Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Somerset Bangle Bracelet L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 575.00
3673888Antique 14K Gold Pocket Watch, Dubois / Oliver & Davis, NY, 19th C. L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 566.00
3673890Group of Five 14K, .750 Gold, Diamond & Opal Jewelry Items, incl earrings, medals L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 555.00
367349018K Gold Diamond Wedding Band L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 520.00
3673511Buccellati Classica Ring Size 5 1/2, 18k L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 500.00
3673500H. Stern Citrine and Diamond Ring 18k/Platinum L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 500.00
3673592Diamond and 18KT gold huggie earrings L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 488.00
3673569Antique Baroque Revival Garnet Necklace, 15k L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 480.00
3673507Amethyst Ring, 18k L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 454.00
3673464Vintage Jaeger LeCoultre Etrier Watch, 1671 42. Circa 1965 L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 450.00
3673588Contemporary Button Pearl Earrings in 18k L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 450.00
367360814K Yellow Gold Chatelaine Bag Box Case L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 430.00
3673613Lot of 14K gold items and 1 10K gold stud L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 425.00
367354218 karat white gold lavender jade & diamond pendant, in the form of a mouse L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 425.00
3673470Rolex Oyster Ultra Prima Watch, c.1927; Rolex Super Oyster L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 425.00
3673498Modernist Labradorite Ring, 18k L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 425.00
3673506Contemporary American .80 Carat Tsavorite and Diamond Ring, 14k L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 400.00
3673495Cartier Trinity Ring 18k Size 12.5 L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 400.00
36734804-strand cultured pearl bracelet, 14k rose gold, ruby & diamond clasp. Circa 1960 L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 400.00
3673460International Watch Company, Schaffhausen, Porsche Design watch. Circa 1990 L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 400.00
3673556Art Deco Platinum over 14k Necklace L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 400.00
367352414K Yellow Gold and Round Ruby Cufflinks L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 400.00
3673580Pair of 18K Yellow Gold Hoop Clip Earrings L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 400.00
367357414K Tri-Colored Yellow, Rose and White Gold Necklace L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 390.00
3673631A mixed group of 9-pcs. gold and costume jewelry. L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 380.00
3690678Gubelin “Lady G” 18K Yellow Gold Wrist Watch, on Leather Strap L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 380.00
3673586Antique Coral Dangle Earrings L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 375.00
3673617Group of Three Jade Jewelry Pieces; pin & earrings L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 355.00
3673472Hermes Naudet Barometre Holosterique, Case & Tiffany Matchbox Covers L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 350.00
3673469Ladies Tourneau 14K White Gold and Diamond Watch L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 350.00
367348618K Yellow Gold and Garnet Cluster Ring L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 350.00
3673502Platinum & Diamond Wedding Ring L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 325.00
3673484Emerald and Diamond bracelet in 14KT yellow gold L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 325.00
3673602Lot of 3 Jade Jewelry Items; bangle bracelet, Moth & Oblong pendants L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 325.00
36736274-Pc. Native American Turquoise & Silver Jewelry, c.1940’s; cross by Horace Lule L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 325.00
36736093 pcs of gold and green jade jewelry L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 325.00
3673579Pair of 18 karat yellow gold and sapphire earrings L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 318.00
3673557French 18k yellow gold mounted Tahitian pearl drop necklace, Circa 1980 L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 305.00
369068314k white gold and diamond 3 strand pearl bracelet. Circa 1950’s. L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 304.00
367347918K Polished Yellow Gold Rounded Bangle Bracelet L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 302.00
3673508French Plique-a-Jour Enamel Boule Ring, 18k L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 300.00
3673620Mix lot of Jewelry; incl. rose quartz, 14K gold and cameo hat pin L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 300.00
36907476-strand freshwater pearl choker, with 14k gold, pearl & ruby clasp L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 293.00
3690768Sunburst Cubic Zirconia Pin and a Sterling & Glass Dragon Form Pendant L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 260.00
3673622Eveyln Dickwisch, 20th C., 3 Necklaces, Sterling Silver L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 260.00
3673611Eveyln Dickwisch, 20th C., Group of Miscellaneous Jewelry Pieces L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 260.00
367351318K Gold & Turquoise Ring with Coral Cross L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 260.00
367348814K Yellow Gold, Cabochon Ruby and Mother-of Pearl Ladies Ring L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 260.00
36734652 Ladies Gold Watches with Cartier Bands; Hamilton, Tourneau L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 260.00
3673476White and Yellow 14K Gold Link Choker L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 260.00
36907705 Native American Indian beaded necklaces with turquoise and other stones L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 244.00
367345514K Yellow Gold Hunting Case Pocket Watch, case with Fleur de lis L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 243.00
3690754Earrings made from Antique Buttons in 14k L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 240.00
3690762Group of 4 Miscellaneous Pearl Jewelry Items L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 240.00
3673612Group of 14K gold, pearl and diamond jewelry L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 226.00
3673661Greek Gold Coin, Macedonian style L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 225.00
3690681Ladies Open Face .585 14K Gold & Enameled Pocket Watch, Swiss, 19th C. L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 225.00
369069914K Men’s Rose Gold and Persian Agate Seal Ring L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 225.00
3673518Art Deco Diamond Ring, 14k L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 225.00
3673662Group of 13 American Coins; Morgan & Peace Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 221.00
3673585Pair of Diamond and Mother of Pearl Dogwood Clip Earrings L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 220.00
367365518 pcs of vintage costume jewelry. Rhinestone, spun silver, amber, glass L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 210.00
3690780Lot of 7 pcs of costume jewelry, 6 bracelets and one pin, incl. Tiffany & Co. L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 200.00
36736074 Gold Jewelry Items; Ruby Dome Ring, Cufflinks, Heart Pendant, Wedding Band L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 200.00
3673543Green Jade & 14K Gold Butterfly Pendant L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 195.00
3673537Tiffany and Co. 14K gold and ruby heart shaped brooch L5BFE, L5BFG
$ 195.00
3673454Ladies 18KT gold Longines, open face pocket watch L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 195.00
3673458Pierre Balmain Madrigal Swiss Chronometer Lady’s Quartz Watch L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 195.00
3690752Pair of David Yurman sterling silver & blue topaz “Renaissance drop” earrings. C.2000 L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 190.00
3673649Lot of Costume & Vintage Jewelry Items; incl. Chain link bracelet by Chanel L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 180.00
3673565Sterling silver and freshwater pearl chocker necklace by Tiffany & Co. L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 175.00
3690750Pair of Pearl Drop Dangle Earrings L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 171.00
3673648Lot of misc. pcs of signed costume jewelry. Kenneth Jay Lane, Judith Leiber L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 163.00
36735525 Pearl Necklaces L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 163.00
3690763Rock Crystal and Sterling Necklace L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 160.00
3673606Group of Pearl necklaces, partially strung pearls and loose pearls L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 155.00
3673533Cartier Gold Bumble Bee Pin with Cabochon Ruby & Enamel L5BFE, L5BFG
$ 155.00
3673663Lot of Chinese Cash (coins) from Dynastic Periods to end of 19th C. L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 153.00
367352714K Yellow Gold and Pearl Crescent Pin L5BFE, L5BFG
$ 150.00
3673492Retro Forties Diamond Ring, 14k L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 150.00
369070714K White Gold & South Sea Pearl Ring L5BFA, L5BFG
$ 146.00
36907695 Signed Native American Jewelry Items; Colin Coonsis, Den Chavez, L.M. Nez L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 146.00
3673600Vintage Gucci gold tone horse bit adjustable toggle belt/necklace L5BFB, L5BFG
$ 135.00
3673630Lot consists of 13 pcs of silver jewelry. Onyx, Taxco 925, Los Castrillo L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 130.00
3690771Lot of 21-Pcs misc. jewelry, mostly sterling. Bracelets, rings, necklaces L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 128.00
3690746Two Sterling Silver & 14K White Gold Necklaces with; Tiffany & Co., owl figure, & cross L5BFG, L5BFB
$ 122.00
3673665Group of Foreign coins, some silver L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 121.00
3690758Pair of David Yurman sterling silver & 14k yellow gold hoop earrings. Circa 1995 L5BFC, L5BFG
$ 114.00
3673473Misc. Lot of Pocket Watches and Other Vintage Items L5BFD, L5BFG
$ 110.00
3690764Native American Silver and Tumble Polished Turquoise Necklace L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 100.00
3673656Lot of 19 costume jewelry rings with onyx, agate, faceted tiger eye, turquoise L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 98.00
3673647Mixed lot of costume jewelry. Faux pearls, rings, necklaces, pins, earrings, silver L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 98.00
3673637Lot of designer costume jewelry. Pauline Trigre, Yves Saint Laurent L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 98.00
3673638Lot consists of 7 pcs of costume jewelry. amber lucite, agate, beaded L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 98.00
36736426-Pc. Artist Signed Designer Costume Jewelry; Christian Dior, Joseph Morton L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 98.00
36736398 Sterling Silver and Stone Costume Rings L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 90.00
3690773Lot consists of 10 pcs of handmade & designer jewelry L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 74.00
3690784Lot of misc. costume jewelry. Rhinestone bangle by Dianna Hamro Prego L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 74.00
36736467 Silver and Gold Over Silver Faux Pearl and Black Rhinestone Rings L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 65.00
36736366 Gold Over Silver Rhinestone Costume Rings L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 65.00
36736507 Gold Over Silver Rhinestone Costume Rings L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 65.00
36736537 Gold Over Silver Rhinestone Costume Rings L5BFF, L5BFG
$ 65.00