Suggestions For Success

A Musical Automaton Figure of a Writer, French and Swiss, 3rd Quarter 19th C. Sold for $13,800.

1. Come to the exhibition to view the items in person if at all possible. CLICK HERE for directions.

2. Contact Us: Email or call 860-567-4661 if you have any questions or difficulties, or to obtain a shipping quote.

3. Register at in advance of the final day of the sale. You will choose a Password and a user name will be assigned to you. Write down your user name and password in a place where you will always be able to find it (Address book, mobile phone, palm pilot or a password book kept by your computer). Place a low bid on an item in which you are interested to make sure that you are registered correctly and are comfortable with the bidding process.

4. Be in front of a computer and logged-in during the last ten minutes of the auction item or items in which you are interested, so that you may raise your bid if someone tries to outbid you. Remember to keep refreshing the page to see if action is occurring while you watch the remaining time of the auction count down in “real” time. If you cannot be in front of your computer at that end of the auction, you may place a “Limit Bid”: a high bid, which the computer will automatically place for you, in increments, as necessary. For example, if you enter a limit bid of $10,000 on an item that has a current bid of $2,800, unless another bidder enters an amount that is more than your $10,000 bid, you would become the high bidder at $2,900. If another bidder bids $3,300, the computer would bid for you at $3,400, and you would remain the high bidder. As long as no one bids more that $10,000 you will win the item for the least amount necessary to remain the high bidder.

5. Do Not Wait Until the Last 1/2 Hour to Bid: Place a strong limit bid well in advance of the closing of an item, so that should there be any complications, your bid will be in the system well in advance of the item closing. There is no advantage to waiting until the last minute, as waiting encourages emotional bidding from your competition. Bidding early puts your bidding on a lower footing, and if you and your competition have the same Maximum bid in mind, whoever bids first will take priority. If you place a high bid and there is no competition, you will still win the item for the start price.

6. Please read our “Shipping & Payment” rules carefully before bidding.

To see how these sales look, please either view our past sales, our take a look at, where there is almost always an active auction. And again, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us.