Priced Estate Sales

An LCA Tag Sale

LCA’s Priced Estate Sales have become wild events, much anticipated and well attended, as buyers seek out those unexpected treasures which are always to be found. From 18th Century antiques and “listed” artists to great deals on kitchenware and household items and everything in-between, there’s always something for everyone. Usually held in LCA’s warehouse simultaneously with an Online Auction Exhibition, each item in the priced sale is tagged with a price that is reduced by 20% on Sunday, 40% on Monday, and 60% on Tuesday. All tag sale purchases carry a 25% Buyer’s Premium, in addition to the final sale price. The doors open Friday at 10:00 a.m., but to get the pick of the lot, many people line-up hours before. LCA gives out numbers at 9 o’clock so that shoppers may go to get coffee or breakfast before the doors open, without losing their place in line- but make sure to be back at 10.